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Is Obama a Geophysical Force?

As the American Presidential elections draw near, as a European, I too turn my eyes across the Atlantic, with clear memories of the 2008 elections and the immense hope and joy of my Swedish countrymen at the prospect of Obama … Continue reading

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Joe Sacco

“Footnotes are inessential at best. At worst they trip up the greater narrative.” Over the last two decades, Joe Sacco has helped invent a new genre: comic-book journalism. He’s reported from Sarajevo and Gorazde during the Bosnian War and from … Continue reading

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“Because I’m Worth It” – Language of Mad Men

By Laura Bøge Mortensen The popular American television serial Mad Men is set in the 1960s fictional advertising agency on Madison Avenue, Sterling Cooper. What makes Mad Men interesting is indeed the historical frame that gives us the opportunity to … Continue reading

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Grandma and Death

In June 2008, I had to ask my grandma to fake death. Although she shouldered some eighty years, her back was stick straight, as if always at attention. I have never seen her slouch in front of a TV like … Continue reading

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“The Moon in Its Flight” by Gilbert Sorrentino

Note: This essay is written by a new guest blogger, Therese Säde, Stockholm, Sweden. An Unconventionally Conventional Love Story In the introduction to the short story collection My Mistress’s Sparrow is Dead, Jeffrey Eugenides argues that love stories give love … Continue reading

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“Lars von Trier’s Gift” By Adnan Mahmutovic

Note: this essay was published by Literary Magic Magazine in January 2009. Originating in diverse religious thought, the problematic of “gift” has for centuries been present in art as well as in philosophical discourse. Most recently the question of gift … Continue reading

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The other day, I deviated from the main purpose of this blog (to review literature) and posted my initial thoughts about the piles of dead and wounded children in Gaza. I will in a week or so try to post … Continue reading

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